ISSN 1513-4121
Asian Journal on Energy & Environment

 Volume 3, Issue 3-4 ( SEPTEMBER 2002 )
ISSN 1513-4121

1. Air pollution and traffic measurements in bangkok streets
S. T. Leong, S. Muttamara and P. Laortanakul

2. An environmental framework for preliminary industrial estate site selection using geographical information system
P. Rachdawong and S. Apawootichai

3. Performance and emissions of a small agricultural diesel engine fueled with 100 percent vegetable oil effects of fuel type and elevated inlet temperature
N. Tippayawong, T. Wongsiriamnuay and W. Jompakdee

4. Simulation and monitoring of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides in the jakarta metropolitan area
E. Hamonangan, A. Kondo, A. Kaga, Y. Inoue, S. Soda and K. Yamaguchi

ISSN 1513-4121