ISSN 1513-4121
Asian Journal on Energy & Environment

 Volume 6, Issue 04 ( OCTOBER 2005 )
ISSN 1513-4121

1. A review on phytoremediation of heavy metals and utilisation of it s by products
Moyukh Ghosh and S.P. Singh

2. Ch4 co2 reforming over ni zro2 al2o3 catalyst for synthesis gas production
Chairut Siangchin, Supaporn Therdthianwong and Apichai Therdthianwong

3. Optimal mix for rural energy using fuzzy logic for shops and other establishments
Chinmoy Jana

4. Synthesis, characterization and application of single and mixed oxide nanomaterials
Sorapong Pavasupree, Supachai Ngamsinlapasathian, Sommai Pivsa-art, Yoshikazu Suzuki and Susumu Yoshikawa

5. Wind energy in iran
Mohammad Sharif Moghaddasi

ISSN 1513-4121