ISSN 1513-4121
Asian Journal on Energy & Environment

 Volume 8, Issue 4 ( OCTOBER 2007 )
ISSN 1513-4121

1. Application of particle image velocimetry to analyse thermal performance of lpg cooking burners
Usa Makmool, Sumrerng Jugjai, Suvit Tia, Pumyos Vallikul and Bundit Fungtammasan

2. Catalytic pyrolysis of cassava rhizome
Adisak Pattiya, James O. Titiloye and Anthony V. Bridgwater

3. Experimental study on diesel engine performance using crude palm oil biodiesel
Hendra Wijaksana and Gusti B. W. Kusuma

4. Market driven model for promotion of cng as transportation fuel in developing countries learning from a successful initiative in india
Thilotham R. Kolanu and Uma B. Kondury

5. Performance of single-phase complete-mix anaerobic digestion of organic fraction of municipal solid waste
Seni Karnchanawong and Sarawut Uparawanna

6. Performance of the fprdi prototype bamboo charcoaling kiln
Belen B. Bisana, Dante B. Pulmano and Amando A. M. Bondad

7. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in coarse fly ash particles emitted from fluidized bed combustion of thai rice husk
Kasama Janvijitsakul and Vladimir I. Kuprianov

ISSN 1513-4121