ISSN 1513-4121
Asian Journal on Energy & Environment

 Volume 11, Issue 01 ( JANUARY 2010 )
ISSN 1513-4121

1. Wind resource assessment for southern part of bangladesh
Mohammad Nasirul Hoque, Sanjoy Kumar Nandi, Himangshu Ranjan Ghosh

2. Computational study of thermosyphon heat exchanger for water heating using flue gas from rice husk combustion
Chaiwat Wannagosit and Piyanun Charoensawan

3. City bus routing model for minimal energy consumption
Nitisak Charoenroop, Boonsong Satayopas and Anant Eungwanichayapant

4. Energy gain during cold season using mat insulation in buildings in tehran
Jahangir Payamara

5. Uv-visible-nir study of er3 doped soda lime silicate glass
Weeranut Kaewwiset, Jakrapong Kaewkhao and Pichet Limsuwan

6. Analysis of a two-phase induction motor using dynamic model based on matlab-simulink
Yuttana Kumsuwan, Watcharin Srirattanawichaikul and Suttichai Premrudeepreechacharn

7. Deposition of zirconium nitride thin films produced by reactive dc magnetron sputtering
Pattarinee Klumdoung, Surasing Chaiyakun and Pichet Limsuwan

ISSN 1513-4121